3 Common Mistakes You Are Making with Your Air Conditioner

Spring is in the air! Finally, it is getting warmer, the days are getting longer, and before you know it, it will be time for BBQ’s and warm evenings spent outside. While the warmer temperatures are very welcomed after months of bitter cold weather, sometimes the summer heat can be too much. We need our air conditioning to make those hot Grandville, Michigan days a little more bearable. As air conditioner season will soon be upon us, we wanted to address some of the most common air conditioner mistakes you might be making.

  1. Wrong Sized System- When you are searching for an air conditioning unit, you want a unit that is big enough to cool your home. However, you also do not want to invest in a unit that is too big for your home. Just because the unit is bigger does not mean that it is the right size for your home. If your AC unit is too big, it will continuously cycle on and off, which is highly inefficient.
  2. Incorrect Positioning of the Unit- While it may not seem like it matters where your AC unit is located, it actually has a direct effect on your unit’s ability to efficiently cool your home. It is always best to keep your AC unit in a cool and shady spot. The more direct sunlight your unit receives, the more power it has to use to cool your home. So, by reducing the amount of direct sunlight it is exposed to, the less amount of energy it will use to cool your home.
  3. Improper Thermostat Setting- what do many of us do when we come home to a hot and uncomfortable home? We turn the thermostat way down to get that AC pumping. However, this is actually extremely inefficient. It is always best to keep your thermostat at your desired temperature.This will allow your unit to efficiently cool your home.

Keeping a few of these things in mind this summer not only can help save you money, but they can also keep your AC running more efficiently for a longer period of time. If you want some more tips and tricks for keeping your air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently, call the experts at Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling. We know how to keep you feeling cool and comfortable.

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