Brad arrival at door of homeWhile no one relishes the idea – or expense – associated with a service call, you can more effectively protect the longevity of your air conditioning unit when you call for service immediately at the first sign of trouble. Your certified AC technician can easily make the following repairs when they arise.

Poor Air Flow

Poor air flow is a common problem associated with air conditioning systems. Your service tech may simply need to change a filter. Sometimes duct cleaning is in order. These two fixes can most often correct the problem.

Poor Cooling/No Cooling

If your AC unit isn’t cooling off your home the way it used to, there could be a refrigerant leak. Your service provider can locate the leak, apply a fix, and restore refrigerant levels all in a day’s work.

AC Runs Continuously

If your air conditioning unit runs nonstop and won’t shut off, you could easily burn out its motor–as well as owe exorbitant energy costs. In some cases, this indicates a problem with the unit’s evaporator; however, there may be other issues that your tech can diagnose and repair.

Unit Doesn’t Turn On

If you experience that sinking feeling when your AC unit won’t turn on when the weather person predicts a 90-degree day, you can call your service tech. This type of issue could involve the motor of your unit or indicate a faulty wiring problem.

Weird Noises

If your AC unit is making weird or unusual noises, there could be a problem with the motor mount or crankshaft. Hissing noises often indicate a refrigerant leak while buzzing could necessitate the need for a switch repair. Your tech will root out the problem right away and provide you with the needed remedy to silence your unit’s weird noises.

Unpleasant Odor

Sometimes an AC unit that is experiencing problems will cause an unpleasant odor. This problem may require cleaning for the condensation line. There may also be a clogged water drain that leads to an overgrowth of smelly bacteria and mold.
If you experience any of these common AC problems, call your Comfort Control service tech right away. Many repairs are simply routine and do not involve great expense. These repairs can, however, ensure that your AC unit functions the way it’s supposed to and can also ward off more costly fixes. With hot weather quickly approaching, it’s always a good idea to schedule maintenance to ward off any problems before they can have you sweating!

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