7 Color Combinations To Use
On YourChristmas Tree

Decorating a Christmas tree is an annual tradition in many families. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t shake things up a little by giving your holiday showpiece a different look. Change your color scheme this year to give your home’s décor a new appearance. Here are seven color combinations to use on your Christmas tree:

1. Silver and Gold

You’ve probably heard several holiday songs that mention silver and gold decorations. These hues will add a touch of elegance to your home throughout the season. Try adding some silver ornaments along with a sturdy gold ribbon. The result will be a tree that’s timeless and sophisticated.

2. Blue and White

Decorating a Christmas tree in blue and white will evoke the feeling of winter in your home. Choose a pale shade like sky blue or a darker tone like navy and pair it with the simplicity of white. The combination will remind your guests of the icy, crisp conditions of the holiday season.

3. Red and Light Brown

Red and green decorations are found in many households at Christmastime, but perhaps you’d like your tree to stand out from the crowd. Swap green for light brown and go with a natural theme. You might want to use elements like burlap ribbon and pinecones to create an earthy appearance. Complete the look by placing packages wrapped in brown paper underneath your decorated tree.

4. Yellow and Orange

Add some sizzle to your Christmas décor by using bright hues like yellow and orange. Don’t be afraid to choose larger sizes of ornaments or bold patterns on bows. You want an eye-catching tree that will make a statement at your holiday parties. Your vibrant Christmas tree is sure to be a hit among your guests.

5. Turquoise and Red

Turquoise and red are very popular decorating colors this year. When you add some old-fashioned ornaments, the combination can create a retro feel in your home. Finish things off with some bubble lights and a few strands of shimmering tinsel. It’s the ideal way to create a nostalgic atmosphere just in time for the holidays.

6. Purple and White

The pairing of purple and white will certainly spark conversations at your holiday gathering. Try using a bit of artificial snow on your tree branches to create the white base. Then, jazz it up with deep purple ornaments and ribbons. This color combination will give your home a regal look for all the Christmas festivities.

7. Tan and Cream

Maybe you’re looking for a color scheme that’s a little more neutral. If that’s the case, you might want to use subtle tones like tan and cream in your holiday decorations. Go with strands of white lights instead of ones in multiple colors to highlight the delicate effect. You’ll provide a soft glow in your home and give each guest a heart-warming feeling.

If you’re tired of your Christmas tree looking the same year after year, you might be ready for a change. Any of the great ideas on this list will help you decorate a tree with a creative color scheme. Add some visual interest to your holiday décor this season and everyone will have a Christmas to remember!

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