Energi Air Systems

At Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling, we offer our clients the very best heating and air conditioning products. One of the companies that we are proud to work with is Energi Air Systems, a private label brand of Goodman Manufacturing equipment.  Energi Air Systems manufactures a wide range of high-quality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) units.

Many of their products are part of our premier line, which represents our commitment to providing luxurious heating and cooling experiences at affordable prices.

Energi Air Elite Series

The Energi Air Elite Series of AC units that Vredevoogd services include the Supreme, Premier II, and Premier I models.

The Supreme and Premier II lines benefit from a high-efficiency Copeland scroll compressor, which ensures precise temperature control, so the AC can run longer and provide a steady cooling effect. All three models come with a high-density foam compressor sound blanket, which is specially engineered to reduce the loud noises of traditional compressors.

Energi Air AC units stand out thanks to their higher SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) numbers, a key feature of energy-efficient systems.

Through skilled craftsmanship and high-caliber manufacturing processes, the Energi Air Elite Series offer premium durability and efficiency, without sacrificing comfort.

Energi Air Systems Furnaces

Aside from AC units, we also carry the following Energi Air furnaces: Optimum, Supreme

Premier III, Premier II, Supreme 80% AFUE, Premier III 80, and Premier II 80.

Both Optimum and Supreme feature the innovative ComfortNet™ communicating control system, which simplifies the furnace-to-control network wiring process. ComfortNet™ also has an intuitive, 12-square inch touchscreen display with audio prompts and color-coded temperature touch keys. These controls allow for quick adjustments.

Premier III and Premier II are both equipped with heavy-duty stainless-steel tubular heat exchangers and durable Silicon Nitride igniters that use less energy to operate and can last up to seven times longer than the original Silicon Carbide igniters.

The MillionAir® stainless-steel, dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger is a revolutionary component of the Supreme 80% AFUE, Premier III 80, and Premier II 80 furnace models.

While the industry standard requires all furnace manufacturers to test heat exchangers to 10,000 cycles, the ones from Energi Air Systems go beyond 1 million cycles.

Using wrinkle-bend and muffler-joint technology, as well as dual-diameter tubing, the MillionAir® is a powerful, long-lasting heat exchanger that is a leader in the industry.

Find out more about these furnaces and their specific capabilities here.

Energi Air Systems — A Trusted Partner

As a leading heating and cooling contractor, we make sure that our clients enjoy durability, affordability, and superior cooling comfort. When you choose the Energi Air brand through Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling, you can expect outstanding customer service and cost-efficiency, as all Energi Air HVAC products have excellent warranty coverage.

Don’t forget that all HVAC units require proper maintenance to remain at peak performance. To show our appreciation to customers, we offer a $98 furnace tune-up special to help you stay warm all through the winter season.