The Best Way To Prepare For Fall Is With A Furnace Checklist

When the summer heat was at its worst, you probably did not spend much time thinking about your furnace. When the days heated up, you were too worried about your air conditioning and maintaining a comfortable indoor environment to give much thought to how your furnace was faring.

Now that the long hot summer is at an end and the days are cooling off, it is time to think about your furnace once again. Taking the time to maintain your furnace now could reduce the risk of an inconvenient, and expensive, breakdown later this winter.

When maintaining your furnace, it helps to have a checklist to work from. With that in mind, here is your essential fall furnace checklist.

  1. Start the unit to make sure it comes on
  2. Inspect the flue and the diverter
  3. Clean the interior
  4. Adjust the pilot and check the thermocouple
  5. Clean and adjust the burners
  6. Check the operation of the gas valves and test for leaks
  7. Check the thermostat and the fan control
  8. Inspect the heat exchanger and combustion chamber
  9. Check the blower wheel and blower motor
  10. Check each of the panels and secure if necessary
  11. Check the air filter and replace if necessary
  12. Check for unusual noises and vibration
  13. Make sure there are no combustible materials near the furnace
  14. Ensure there is proper airflow around the furnace

Only after the complete fall checklist is complete should you attempt to operate your furnace. Failing to maintain the furnace properly could shorten its life and cost you more money in your winter heating bills. Even more importantly, improper maintenance could cause safety problems, putting yourself and your family at risk.

You do not have to complete the extensive fall furnace checklist on your own. In fact, you should probably not make your fall checklist a DIY project. Instead, you should contact a certified HVAC professional – one who can examine your furnace, assess its condition and make recommendations for greater efficiency and better operation. Having a professional check your furnace now could save you a ton of money later and ensure safe operation all winter long.

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