Yes, home humidifiers really do work but the question is does your home need one? In some cases, in-home humidifiers can be very beneficial; in others, they might do more harm than good. It depends on numerous factors that we here at Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling would be happy to discuss with you. First, let’s determine if you could use the added humidity in your home each winter or if you’re okay with your indoor environmental control as it is.

Signs You Should Have More Humidity in Your Home

Okay, when you were a kid it was fun to shuffle your feet along the carpet and then touch your sibling to shock him or her, but it isn’t fun if you are constantly shocked throughout your home now. Dry air causes excess static electricity, which leads to those nasty shocks when you turn on a light switch or touch something metal. If you become afraid to turn on or off a light in your home, a furnace humidifier can help.

Another sign the air is too dry in your home is if you awaken in the morning with chapped lips, a dry mouth, and a sore throat. You shouldn’t feel as if you’re in the Sahara Desert in Michigan, and if you wake up feeling parched, your indoor air is too dry. This dry air can also parch your drywall, floors, and wood accents and furniture. If you find your coffee table soaks in the furniture polish and remains dry, you need a humidifier.

Benefits of a Furnace Humidifier

A furnace humidifier offers the obvious benefit of moistening the indoor air to prevent the static shock and dryness mentioned above, but it has other benefits as well. When you have a whole house humidifier installed, the humid air that circulates through the home feels hotter, so you can set your furnace to a lower temperature and still feel as if it were at the setting you’re used to. The humidifier pays for itself through your energy savings.

It also helps you feel better when you succumb to a winter cold or the flu. One of the best ways to ease congestion in the sinuses and chest is with humid air. This is why you have that handy portable humidifier to run when the kids get sick. With a whole house humidifier, you relieve your cold or flu symptoms throughout the house because the humid air is pumped through all the vents. This helps keep congestion under control at all times.

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