The Great Lakes & Their Effect on the Summer Heat

As a resident of the Great Lakes region, you already know how spectacularly beautiful the area can be. The natural beauty of the Great Lakes region is beyond question, and the millions of tourists who descend on the cities and towns that dot the shores are proof of its enduring popularity.

If you live here, you also know that the presence of all that water can have a profound effect on the weather, and on your ability to keep your home comfortable all year long. The Great Lakes region is blessed with all four seasons, but the unique weather patterns can sometimes make living here a challenge.

Winter Challenges

You already know about the winter dangers living on the Great Lakes can create. All that moisture can quickly turn a small snowstorm into a major blizzard, and long-term residents know to keep their freezers and pantries fully stocked and their snow shovels and rock salt at the ready.

What many people do not fully appreciate is the effect the Great Lakes can have in the summertime. The moisture and unique weather patterns of the

Summer Heat and the Great Lakes

Great Lakes region can affect the summer heat in many different ways, from turning a mild heat wave into a string of 90+ degree days to providing residents with a soothing breeze on what would otherwise be an unbearable summer day.

The moisture and temperature patterns in the Great Lakes can influence the local weather in other ways as well. When the water from the Great Lakes evaporates, it hangs in the air eventually falls as precipitation. This excess moisture can also make summer thunderstorms more likely, even on an otherwise clear day. Great Lakes residents know to keep an eye on the sky, and they are ready to pack up their summer barbecues at a moment’s notice.

Enormous Amounts of Moisture

The temperatures are also impacted by the Great Lakes and the enormous amount of moisture they contain. Since water temperatures go up and down at a slower rate than those on land, the waters of the Great Lakes tend to gain heat in the summertime and release it in the colder months. As a result, Great Lakes area residents typically enjoy cooler springs and soothing breezes even in the hottest parts of the year.

Living in the Great Lakes region can be a lot of fun, but the weather can sometimes be unpredictable. Knowing how the moisture of the Great Lakes impacts the weather can make your life here more enjoyable and help you be better prepared for the next summer thunderstorm or sudden change in wind direction.

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