Brad at back door of truckIf You Want To Save Your Furnace, Change Out That Filter

If you’re a homeowner and are anxious to keep your expenses in check, furnace maintenance is one of the first areas that you’re likely to try to cut back on. You might, for instance, consider inspecting and tuning up your furnace yourself. DIY isn’t typically a good idea in this area, though. Depending on the kind of furnace you have, there are specific areas that could benefit from a professional eye. If you are anxious to come by big savings, though, you should look at changing out your furnace filter on a regular basis. Filter changes can very useful.

How does changing your furnace filter help?

The most obvious reasons why you would want to put in a new filter from time to time is that it will allow a greater volume of air to pass through the appliance, to collect heat, and warm your home. The air that is released into your home is likely to be cleaner, as well. As good as these points are, they aren’t the primary reason you need to keep buying new filters.

The most important reason to pay attention to your furnace filter is simply that it can help make your furnace last longer.

Why the longer life?

The heat exchanger in the furnace is the part that heats up, and transfers heat to the air. The air coming into the appliance, once it picks up heat in the exchanger, is sent out into the home again.

When the filter is dirty, there isn’t enough air passing through the heat exchanger, which means less heat for the home. You will naturally reach to turn up the thermostat in these circumstances.

Unfortunately, when the furnace heats up to such temperatures, the heat exchanger receives a great deal of heat, but only pass some of it on, given the limited amount of air passing through the clogged filter. While your home may heat up adequately, the heat exchanger will run at temperatures far higher than it was ever designed for. Over time, such heat levels are likely to destroy it.

Heat is never good for an appliance

Whether it’s a computer, a television or a furnace, overheating usually causes permanent damage. There are deformities, cracks and other forms of damage that show up over the years. You’ll begin to see performance drops, and begin to consider getting a new furnace, vowing never to buy from the current company ever again. In truth, it would happen no matter what the brand, if you ran your furnace without clean filters.

People tend to neglect to change their furnace filters simply because it’s a boring and dirty chore. Finding a trusted HVAC tech to do the job will likely only cost a few dollars. It’s money well-spent, though. You’ll make it all back in energy savings and a longer lasting furnace.

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