Why Do You Need AFurnace Tune-Up?

Stay in Your Comfort Zone

Keeping your family comfortable at home is essential all year long. When temperatures dip in the fall and winter, we tend to be indoors, which means turning up the heat to ward off the chill. Keep your furnace humming through the cold months with a furnace tune-up. A furnace tune-up will ensure that your heating system works at its peak efficiency.

Professional maintenance and tune-ups can prevent complete breakdowns and help keep those heating bills lower.

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Take advantage of our Furnace Super Tune-Up, or for greater savings check out our Club Membership.

Our Furnace Super Tune-up includes a 48-point system evaluation and up-to-date manufacturer specification check, Plus a season-long guarantee!

Save Even More as a Comfort Club Member

Heating costs are at an all-time high; having routine maintenance on your furnace and other heating equipment will help lower your heating bill. Become a Comfort Club member and save an average of 5% – 20% annually.

That’s $103 – $412 a year by becoming a Comfort Club Member!

Not a Comfort Club Member?

Call Now: 844-HVAC-365
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Not a Comfort Club Member?

Call Now: 844-HVAC-365
or contact us online

Comfort Club Membership Benefits

Bi-annual Seasonal Tune-ups for AC and furnace

Discounted service repairs all year

No overtime charges

24/7 Emergency services, 365 days a year

Lower your energy bills

Complimentary refrigerant for cooling systems

Cooling and heating systems will run more efficiently

Prevent problems before they start

The Benefits of Furnace Tune-ups

If you’re a homeowner, you don’t like paying for things you don’t need. If your furnace has been acting up lately, you might think it’s time to replace the whole system. But before you go out and buy another one, consider this: your furnace may only need a tune-up and regular maintenance to keep it humming through another cold winter.

A tune-up can help ensure that your furnace runs better for longer, saving on energy costs and preventing breakdowns.

  • It saves you money on energy bills.
  • It extends your equipment’s life, saving you even more money on replacement costs.
  • It helps keep your home warm and cozy during the winter months when you need it most.
  • It reduces the amount of carbon monoxide in the air, which can be harmful if left unchecked.

What to Expect with Vredevoogd Furnace Repair

We’ll start with a consultation to discuss your furnace’s issue. Maybe it’s clunking noises, or its not putting out enough heat. Be sure to give the technician as much detail as possible.

Next, we’ll do a full diagnostic check to isolate the problem. We’ll also look at what is working well. After a thorough inspection, we’ll be able to give you well-informed repair options, and perhaps replacement options if needed.

At Vredevoogd we believe that preventative maintenance and routine checkups will keep your furnace running without a hitch.

Contact Vredevoogd for Furnace Repair, Replacement

Maintaining your furnace in good working order is vital to keep your home comfortable and your family healthy.

When the winter winds blow, the last thing you want is for your furnace to break down. Keep your system running efficiently with regular maintenance checks and repairs. Find more peace of mind by becoming a member of the Comfort Club and ensure all your heating and cooling systems run in top condition. Contact us or schedule a service today!