Do I Really Need To Schedule HVAC Fall Maintenance?

It’s a good idea to schedule a fall maintenance visit for your home’s heater and air conditioning unit. First, if the warranty on the unit requires annual or bi-annual maintenance, you’ll void it if you don’t comply. Second, maintenance prevents costly repairs down the line, and you want your heater working efficiently during the cold Michigan winters. Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling is happy to help, and we’ll ensure your heater is ready for the cold weather by doing the following.

Clean the Unit

If you have an HVAC unit, we’ll double-check the air conditioner to ensure there aren’t any leaks or other concerns and then shut it down for the winter. Whether you have an HVAC unit or separate heating system, we will clean the heater and your vents and air ducts. This ensures summer dirt, dust, and grime doesn’t affect the heater’s operation or the air quality in your home. We will also change your air filter and recommend changing duration throughout the winter months after which you can purchase air filters at the hardware store and change them yourself.

Inspect and Test the Unit

While we’re cleaning your heating system, we will inspect it for worn parts, faulty wiring, gas leaks or other concerns. We test system voltage to ensure it isn’t at risk of shortage. We test the gas connection and entire unit for carbon monoxide leaks. We test the parts to ensure they’re working properly. We’ll also test the thermostat and calibrate it so you know that if you set your heater at 70 degrees Fahrenheit it will warm your home up to that temperature and then shut off.

Replace Worn Parts

To avoid costly repairs further down the line, we’ll replace any parts that show signs of failure. Trust us, this does save you money in the end. Not only does it prevent the part from causing additional damage to your heater it also keeps your furnace running as efficient as possible. This saves money on your utility bills, which can be a huge blessing if we have a particularly cold winter. Heater fall maintenance visits ensure your heater runs all winter long and does so at its best.

We are Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling and we service the Lansing, Kalamazoo and Grand Rapids, MI, areas. Call us at 844-HVAC-365 to set up an appointment for your fall maintenance check. We’ll dispatch an experienced and qualified technician to your home.