Reasons Why My AC Will Not Cool

It is a frustrating problem, and unfortunately a very common one. The weather is just heating up, and you expect your AC to kick in when it should. But when you turn up the air conditioning, the unit either cannot keep up or refuses to work at all.

So what do you do when your AC does not keep you cool? If you want to enjoy a cool and comfortable summer season, you need to work through the problem, examining possible causes and seeking professional help when you need to. Here are some common reasons your AC may not be keeping you cool.

Improper Size

If your home and household have grown since your AC was installed, it may no longer be large enough to keep up with demand. Adding a room or adding additional members to your household will increase the demand on your AC, and it may fail to keep up on the hottest days.

If you think your AC system is improperly sized, you need to have it check out. An AC pro can check your system, make recommendations for upgrades and help you stay cool and comfortable.

Clogged and Dirty Filters

If you cannot remember the last time you changed the filter in your air conditioning unit, you are probably long overdue. A clogged filter will reduce the efficiency of your AC system and cause it to work harder than it should.

If your AC is not keeping up with demand and failing to keep you cool, check the filers first. Changing the filter on your AC system is easy, and it is a simple way to keep your cool.

A Faulty Thermostat

If your thermostat is not working right, the AC may not know when it should come on. If your air conditioning has been working fine and suddenly refuses to come on, you should suspect a faulty thermostat.

You can check your thermostat yourself, or have a professional do the work. Either way, it is important to make sure your thermostat is working normally before the hottest days of summer arrive.

Extreme Heat

If the weather gets extremely hot and stays that way for days on end, your existing air conditioning system may simply not be able to keep up with demand. This is uncommon, especially for high quality systems, but it does happen.

You do not have to suffer in the extreme summer heat, and you should contact your AC professional if your system is failing to keep you cool and comfortable. From upgrades and repairs to new AC systems, there are things we can do to keep you cooler and more comfortable this summer.

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