Save Money and Stay Cool All Summer Long – How to Maintain Your Air Conditioning Unit the Right Way

No matter where you live, when the hot days of summer arrive you will want to have a functioning air conditioning unit to keep you cool and comfortable. It does not matter if you use your air conditioning every day or just once in a while – you want it to be there when you need it.

The last thing you want is to turn on your air conditioner and hear nothing but silence. Unfortunately, thousands of your neighbors will experience just that when they turn their AC units on for the first time this season. If you want to avoid their fate, you need to take good care of your air conditioning system, and that means performing the right maintenance.

Chances Are Maintenance is Overdue

As with everything else around your home, proper maintenance can make a huge difference when it comes to your air conditioner. If you cannot recall the last time you serviced your window units or central air conditioning system, chances are that maintenance is long overdue. In that case it is probably best to bring a professional who can evaluate the situation and make any necessary upgrades or repairs.

If your air conditioning unit has been properly maintained, you can probably keep it running at peak efficiency mostly on your own. You can start by checking the condition of the filter and giving it a good cleaning. If your window AC unit has spent the winter in storage, it probably picked up some dust and dirt along the way. Clean the filter thoroughly, check its condition and replace it if necessary. A clean filter will allow those window air conditioners to run more efficiently, and that could mean lower energy bills all summer long.

Cold & Snow of Winter Can Really Hurt Compressors

If your home has central air conditioning, you will need to check the outdoor compressor and connections before you turn the AC on for the first time. The cold and snow of winter can really take a toll on those outdoor compressors, so check around the area for downed tree branches, brush and other debris that could block intakes and reduce efficiency.

Check the connections carefully and look for cracks or other problems that could cause the air conditioning to fail or run at less than peak efficiency. It is best to do this work early – before the hot days of summer arrive. That way if you do need repairs the work can be done in the pre-season, before you need your central air to keep the home cool and comfortable.

Ongoing maintenance is the key a cool and comfortable home this summer. Even the most expensive and well built AC system will need maintenance to keep it running like new, so take the time to check your units now and make sure they are ready for the rigors of the summer season.

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