What is a SEER Rating?

Brian: Hey welcome back everybody, Brian here again with Vredevoogd Heating and Cooling. We’ve got Jeremiah, we’re talking all things air conditioning. Uh So one of the most frequently asked questions is, what is a SEER rating on an air conditioner. Jeremiah can you please tell me what SEER means?

Jeremiah: Yes, so the SEER rating standards for the seasonal energy efficiency ratio and basically the higher the number the more energy efficient, the lower the number the less. So, it’s kinda like miles per gallon for your car, the higher the miles per gallon the less it’s gonna cost to run that car. Same thing with your air conditioner the higher the SEER rating the less it’s gonna cost to run your air conditioner.

Brian: Awesome and is there a lowest rating or highest rating of a SEER?
Jeremiah: As of right now, the minimum SEER rating is 13 SEER and we do have systems that go all the way up to I believe 18 or 20 SEER as well.
Brian: Great, so if you guys have any additional questions about SEER rating for your particular unit or if you are interested in replacing yours to get a more high efficient unit, feel free to give us a call at 844-HVAC-365 or you can check out our inventory on our products page and check out our air conditioners. So thanks for checking in, we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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