Why Does My AC Smell?

When the hot summer months arrive and you crank up the AC for the first time, you expect to be greeted by a steady stream of supercooled air. What you do not expect is a bad smell. If your AC smells bad, something is wrong, and the sooner you find it, the sooner you can start enjoying a cooler and more comfortable home.

A number of things can cause an unpleasant aroma in your home air conditioning unit, so it is best to work through each potential problem one by one. By starting with the most likely culprit and working your way down from there, you can isolate the problem fast and get it fixed, so you can enjoy the hottest days of summer in comfort.

A Dirty AC Filter

One of the most common causes of smelly AC is also the easiest to remedy. If your air conditioner filter is clogged or dirty, it could emit an unpleasant smell when you fire up the system.

Fortunately, this common problem is easy to fix. Just open the filter door, check the filter inside and change it if necessary. If the smell goes away, you are done. If not, you need to keep searching.

A Clogged Condenser Pan

If you smell a musty aroma when you turn on your AC, the problem could be a clogged condenser pan. If the condenser pan is clogged, it will not drain properly, and all that standing water creates a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.

That moldy smell is a dead giveaway, so give the air a good sniff the next time you turn on your air conditioning unit. If the condenser pan is clogged, you may be able to clean it. If not, you should call us for the service and repairs you need.

The AC Unit is Too Large for Your Home

You may think that bigger is better, but not when it comes to air conditioning units. If the unit you have is too large for your home, it may stop after completing the quick cooling process and never fully dehumidify your home.

Over time, the excess moisture builds up in your home, creating a musty smell that permeates your rooms when you start the AC for the first time. If this turns out to be the problem, you will need to purchase a properly sized air conditioning unit for your home.

Identifying problems with your air conditioning unit is not always easy, and it is best to take a step by step approach. Once you have identified the issue, just give us a call for the expert repairs your AC needs.

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