How Can I Keep My House Cool Besides The A/C
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How Can I Keep My House Cool Besides The A/C?

Many people rely on their home’s A/C system to keep them cool and comfy when it’s hot outside. And while using your air conditioning certainly makes life more bearable, it can also cost you quite a bit on energy costs. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to keep your home cooler in other ways that don’t rely solely on your air conditioning system. While these methods won’t turn your home into an icebox, they could help lower the inside temperature, allowing you to set the A/C to a more practical temperature.

Use Ceiling Fans Smartly

Ceiling fans can do wonders for your home, and they keep the air circulating with a nice, cool breeze. During the summer months, your ceiling fans should be set to run counterclockwise at a high speed. This will allow the fan to create a nice airflow and a wind-chill breeze effect. If you don’t have ceiling fans in rooms like the master bedroom or the living room, consider having them installed. They’ll do wonders for your home’s temperature and energy consumption.

Block the Light Out

When sunshine streams through your windows, it can raise the indoor temperature significantly. Consider swapping out your sheer curtains for thicker, light-blocking alternatives. These heavy-duty window coverings will keep the sunlight out and the cool air in. You should also keep all blinds down and curtains closed whenever you’re not home so your house stays cooler while you’re away. Using blinds and blackout curtains can keep your home cooler by as much as 20 degrees!

Isolate Unused Rooms

If there’s a bedroom or office that isn’t used frequently, there is really no need to keep it cool and use up valuable energy. Close doors to all rooms that you rarely go in. This will allow the cool air from the A/C system to stay isolated in the areas of your home that you do frequently visit. When you close off unused rooms, it helps to prevent the cold air from permeating those areas and focuses it on the rooms where you spend most of your time. And, if you live in an area where it’s cooler at night, take advantage of this by opening windows while you sleep to save on energy costs.

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