How We Work

Our process saves you time, money and frustration!

We know that your air conditioning unit is a big investment and that you need to be able to trust the people who are servicing, installing or replacing your A/C system. We are also uniquely dedicated to your satisfaction with our services and we go out of our way to make sure that you not only get quality work done on your air conditioner, but also that you have a good customer service experience through our process which is as hassle-free as possible. Here’s how our company does it!

Customer-Oriented Planning

We don’t just plan our jobs to fit into a schedule, we plan every aspect to make sure that we are as efficient as possible, saving you time, money and frustration. This includes initial price estimates as we provide you with correct pricing up front. We get to know you, your expectations and your needs before we even begin so we can make sure our process yields the results you are expecting. You might be concerned with more than just cool air. Cleanliness and filtering might be a big factor when choosing an air conditioner. Or, you might have a particularly large space and need to talk about the most efficient unit or units for the way you use your house. Whatever your specific needs are, we will address them with you before we schedule the job. Not only will we all be on the same page, we’ll have a much easier HVAC Repair or Installation process as well!

Honest and Fair Pricing

We know that you want to save all the money you can, but because of our planning process, we’ll also know what your specific needs are. There’s no point in buying the cheapest unit only to be disappointed by its performance. It also won’t help you to buy a unit that is too expensive for what you really need. We want to help you find the right unit at the right price for your needs, no more, no less. While many air conditioning installation companies try to motivate you based on price alone, we care about something more. Yes, we like money and we’re happy to get paid for our services, but we take real pride in the services we provide. We don’t want money we don’t deserve just as you don’t want to spend money you don’t have to spend. At Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling, you’ll find a partner with both your financial and your cooling needs in mind.

High-Quality Air Conditioning Services

This is really the part that makes the biggest difference. All of the careful planning and fair pricing in the world won’t make up for a poorly executed job. If your  HVAC company has to come out multiple times to fix mistakes, then you do not end up with a good customer service experience, even if you do end up with a unit that works for you. Because we care about your complete satisfaction with us, we provide high-quality work the first time. Correct installation of your air conditioning unit is a big factor in energy waste, so choosing an air conditioning repair and installation company that will make sure to do the job right is absolutely imperative to getting a quality, energy-efficient air conditioning system.

To learn more about our process and to get started with the area’s Top Rated Local® air conditioning company, contact us today!