Improving Your Cooling Systems Efficiency

As a resident of Michigan state, you face higher heating and cooling costs than your counterparts in many other parts of the country. The summers in Michigan can get pretty hot, and the winter cold in this part of the country is well documented as well.

Given those circumstances, it is important for Michigan residents to save money wherever and whenever they can, and that starts with optimizing the efficiency of your cooling system. The more efficient your cooling system is, the lower your summer energy costs will be. Here are some simple ways to optimize your cooling system and enhance its efficiency.

Keep Your Outside Unit Clean

It is easy to ignore the outside portion of the cooling system that powers your Michigan home, but you do so at your peril. That outside unit plays a vital role in the comfort of your home, and if you do not keep it clean, the entire system could break down on the hottest day of the year.

Even if you do not suffer an unexpected breakdown, a dirty outside unit will reduce the efficiency of your summer cooling. Things like fallen branches, leaves from nearby trees and overgrown vegetation can block the intakes in the outside unit, reducing the efficiency of the system and costing you extra money in your summer cooling costs.

Change the Filters

It is hard to believe that something as simple as a filter could have such a large impact on your summer cooling costs, but it is true. If the filters in your HVAC system are blocked, damaged or dirty, the cooling system will need to work much harder to keep up with demand, especially on those super hot Michigan summer days.

That is why it is so important to change the filters in your cooling system at the recommended intervals. Keep a supply of extra filters near your unit, then change them out at the recommend schedule. When your filters are fresh and clean, your cooling system can run at peak efficiency, and you can spend less money on summer comfort.

Get an Annual Cooling Checkup

Last but not least, it is important to get an annual checkup on your entire cooling system. Your cooling system works hard to keep you comfortable on those hot summer days, and the harder it works, the more it needs attention and maintenance.

Scheduling the annual check-up now will help you rest easy, so you can enjoy a comfortable home without worry. Now is the perfect time to have your cooling system checked and optimized, so it can run at peak efficiency all season long.

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