OxyQuantum LED System Germicidal Air Purifier Installation

Vredevoogd is proud to announce during these times our ability to provide healthier cleaner air with the OxyQuantum LED system. The system mounts to your current HVAC system and runs only while the unit is running. Powerful LED UV lights help reduce harmful bacteria, toxic gases, odors and viruses giving the homeowner comfort they are breathing quality air.

How to Install OxyQuantum LED Bulbs

Replacement bulbs required for the OxyQuantum LED Germicidal Air Purifier can cost between $45 and $85 dollars, a hefty price tag for light-bulbs, so when the time comes to change the LED UV bulbs on your OxyQuantum LED Germicidal Air Purifier, it is best to contact a trained professional to handle the delicate LED UV bulbs to avoid damage.

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today we are talking about a product that provides clean and healthy indoor air, the OxyQuantum LED. The OxyQuantum LED is an indoor air quality product that works with your system to reduce viruses, bacteria, toxic gases, odors from the air and runs whenever your system is running. The powerful UV bulbs illuminate immediately working to remove these elements from your home, the adjustment knob raises or lowers the output power and after two years, the bulb should be replaced. The OxyQuantum LED is a wonderful product for any home be sure to call or ask your next service technician how we can install one for you today and begin breathing cleaner healthier air.

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