What Are the Proper Fan Settings for Your AC System?

If you want your home air conditioning system to keep running at peak efficiency, you need to make sure the settings are correct. The way you set the fans on your central AC unit will make a big difference in the efficiency of the system, and ultimately on your summer cooling costs as well.

If you are having a new AC system installed in your home, it is important to ask the technician about the recommended fan settings. Be sure to record what the technician tells you; their expertise will be invaluable. You should also receive documentation with your new air conditioning unit, and you can refer to the manual for the proper fan settings should you forget.

Independent Operation

It is important to note that the fans on your home air conditioning system operate independently of the cooling unit itself. The purpose of the fans on your AC system is to circulate the air throughout the rooms in your home. That means all your rooms stay cool and comfortable, no matter what the conditions outside each of your windows.

In most AC systems, the fans will have two settings – Auto and On. When you set the fan to On, the fans in the system will blow continuously. When this setting is used, the fans on your AC system will circulate and filter the air inside your home, regardless of whether the air conditioning unit is in cooling mode or not.

When you set the fan to Auto, the fans will only blow when the air conditioning unit is in active cooling mode. When you turn the main AC unit off and the cooling stops, the fans will stop running as well.

Fully Automatic Operation

If you want your home air conditioning system to run at peak efficiency, you will want to set the system to Auto. The major benefit of using the Auto setting for the fans is that doing so will reduce the amount of energy you use.

That lower energy usage will in turn reduce your utility bills, helping you stay cool and comfortable for a more affordable price. Setting the system to auto also reduces wear and tear on the fans themselves, which should extend their useful life and reduce your repair costs down the road.

Staying Efficient

If you want to your air conditioning system to run at its most efficient, you need to take the right steps, including setting the fans properly. Now that you know what those fan settings do, it will be easy to enhance the efficiency of your AC system and get the most out of your unit.

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