Four Reasons to Schedule your Spring HVAC Tune-Up Now

Now that spring has sprung, it is an ideal time to refresh elements inside and outside your home whether it’s a fresh coat of a paint, a decluttered garage or a maintenance check on your HVAC system. Yes, that’s right. Spring is an ideal time for a HVAC tune-up!

So why is this important? Here are a four reasons to consider:

Summer breakdowns are reduced. Mechanical or even electrical problems can develop for a number of reasons and may go unnoticed when an HVAC system lies dormant during the winter months. A tune-up can identify and bring attention these issues. When you start a unit without a tune-up, you can put excessive strain on your unit that can turn into major problems that may lead to a breakdown of the unit. Preventive maintenance is a cost effective way to ensure that your unit runs as smoothly as possible.

Extending the life of your equipment. Minor problems eventually add up to major problems, reducing the overall lifespan of your equipment or cooling unit. Annual maintenance corrects these problems so that the major components in your unit can be checked to avoid failure. You use your HVAC system year-round, and tune-ups help them last for years to come.

Indoor air quality is improved. One part of your HVAC tune-up includes cleaning the system and removing harmful particles before they cycle through your house. Allergens such as debris, dust and other particles build up in a dormant cooling unit. Having your system cleaned prevents these nasty germs from entering your living space and causing further issues.

Keep your equipment warranty updated. Regular maintenance helps to prevent breakdowns and other major component failures that the manufacturer would be required to replace or pay for. Some HVAC warranties actually require maintenance tune-ups. In some instances, if it has been over a year since your last tune-up and a unit breaks down, the warranty may be voided. Be sure to keep your HVAC warranty up-to-date.

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