Vlog: Single Stage vs. Two Stage Air Conditioner


Brian: Hey everybody Brian here with Vredevoogd Heating and Cooling I’ve got Jeremiah with me and we are talking about the differences between a single stage and a two stage air conditioner. Jeremiah, can you give me a little play by play on what the difference are?

Jeremiah: Yeah so the main difference between a single stage and a two stage is a single stage when it comes on it just runs at one speed at one speed all of the time. For the two stage it is going to start at the lower speed initially and that’s going to cost less to run its also going to allow for much more even and more efficient removal of humidity from the home compared to a single stage.

Brian: Awesome! And can anybody purchase a two stage air conditioner or does that have to be paired with a certain furnace?

Jeremiah: It does have to be paired with a two stage furnace so if you are thinking of just replacing your air conditioner you would have to get a two stage furnace with a two stage ac.

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