Your Attic Ventilation Is Important For Your AC Efficiency

Whether you have a small cottage in the woods or a huge home on the outskirts of town, you rely on your air conditioning system to keep you cool and comfortable when the weather heats up. When the temperatures outside soar, you expect your AC to be up to the task, and you expect it to run smoothly and efficiently all summer long.

If you have noticed a decrease in the efficiency of your air conditioning system over the years, it could be as simple as a ventilation problem. The ventilation inside your home, and particularly inside your attic, can play a vital role in the efficiency of your central air conditioning unit. Understanding the relationship between your attic ventilation and the efficiency of your air conditioning system will allow you to make the necessary changes, so you can trim your cooling bills and save money going forward.

Blocked Vents and Bottlenecks

Unless you have converted your home’s attic to a spare bedroom or office space, you probably do not spend much time there. That is understandable, since attics tend to be hot, stuffy and confined spaces.

Unfortunately, those same qualities can interfere with the efficiency of your home air conditioning system, and that could drive up your summer cooling bills. Even if you do not like spending time in the attic, grab your gear and head upstairs for a look.

What to Look For

When you get into the attic, take a good look around and be particularly vigilant when checking out the vents and ductwork. Are the vents in good shape, or are they dented or damaged? Is air flowing freely through the attic, or are some spots noticeably hotter than others? Restrictions in air flow, blocked vents and other bottlenecks can significantly reduce the efficiency of your home air conditioning system, and the sooner you do something about it, the better.

Improving Ventilation

If the ventilation in your attic is less than optimal, there are things you can do to improve the situation and enhance the efficiency of your central air system. Adding a large attic fan can improve airflow and cool off the space above your head, reducing the amount of work your air conditioning unit has to do to cool off your summer home.

If your attic inspection reveals blockages or damaged pipes, having them fixed now should improve the efficiency of your air conditioning unit and reduce your cooling bills all summer long. Your attic plays a big role in how your AC system functions, and a few simple changes can make a huge difference.

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