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What Every Homeowner Should Know about Maintaining Their Air Conditioning System.

The repair teams of Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling know that not all homeowners may  have the information or technical skills needed to effectively maintain their air conditioning systems. It’s essential, however, to perform routine maintenance with the help of your Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling tech in order to support your AC unit’s longevity and ensure that it functions optimally to enhance the comfort of your home.

The Team To Trust

If you live in Grand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, Grand Haven, Holland, Kalamazoo and Lansing, it’s a good idea to contact Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling to set up routine maintenance checks and tune-ups. A well-maintained air conditioning unit should last between 15 and 20 years. Some may even last longer with proper maintenance and care. By servicing your unit’s coils, filters, and belts, for instance, you can provide your unit with the maintenance it needs to enjoy max longevity. Maintenance checks are an excellent way to obtain the most value you can from your unit before it’s time to replace an old model.

Don’t Put Off AC Maintenance

Neglecting to adequately maintain your air conditioning system is never recommended unless you have disposable income and don’t mind paying for skyrocketing energy bills–a consequence of a poorly maintained AC unit. A service appointment with a Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling tech is a smart way to ensure that your AC is working properly and not draining energy without effectively cooling your space.

When your AC tech visits your home, you can also get answers to some common questions you might have such as:

  • Is my energy bill more costly than it should be during the warm season?
  • How often should I have my air conditioning unit serviced and what can I expect during a maintenance appointment?
  • How do I decide if it is time to replace my aging air conditioning system and what types of models should I research for eventual purchase?

Your Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling service technician will address these questions when they visit to service your unit. You can expect custom treatment of your AC system as we get to know its particular needs. Our company enjoys an excellent reputation for high-quality and affordable service. Treat yourself to peace of mind and allow us to maintain your air conditioning unit so that you get the best return on your investment.

We serveGrand Rapids, Wyoming, Grandville, Grand Haven, Holland, Kalamazoo and Lansing and are committed to keeping our customers cool with our outstanding level of know-how and service.