Why AC Air Not As Cold As It Used To Be? | Local Expert Explains
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Why Is My Air Not As Cold As It Used To Be?

With warm weather headed this way, you may be testing the air conditioner to make sure it can last though a toasty summer. If the air coming out of the vents seems tepid or less cold than it should be, consider these factors:

Duct Work Size

If your duct work can’t accommodate the equipment, it can cause kinks, reducing airflow and preventing cool air from getting through. A kink is a sharp turn that creates resistance in the flow, and the situation would look much like a water hose that’s bent and can’t get enough water through the system. To diagnose undersized ducts, you need a professional to evaluate the area.

Duct Work Leak

If ducts get worn out or torn, they can leak cool air. Depending on the extent of the damage, certain spots can be repaired with Aeroseal–a technology using polymer particles that seal ducts from the inside–or you can have everything replaced. Whatever you choose, you’ll need a professional HVAC technician to ensure the work gets done properly.

The Thermostat

A common but often overlooked problem, your thermostat could be set incorrectly. Make sure it’s set to auto mode as opposed to on mode, which will only blow air through a fan.

Fan Motor

It’s always possible one of the air conditioner motors has failed or is struggling (one sits at the condenser and the other at the evaporator coil). If the condenser fan is losing efficiency it will affect the amount of heat removed from the space. If the evaporator fan is to blame, it will slow the heat absorbed by the condenser. Either way, the air won’t be cooled properly.

Air Filters

Dirty air filters prevent the air conditioner from fully functioning. Since these vital parts work overtime, they can become clogged with contaminates easily. One of the simplest ways to keep your HVAC system healthy is to change air filters often.


Your air conditioner needs freon to remove warm air from the home and replace it with cool air. If it runs low, everything else gets out of whack.

The best way to know what’s happening with your air conditioner is to call an HVAC professional and have your system evaluated. The experienced team at Vredevoogd can examine your system, make a recommendation, and estimate the cost and timeline for repairs. If you suspect an issue with your air conditioner, don’t wait until warm weather takes over. Call us today at 616-828-5411 in Grand Rapids, 269-290-7844 in Kalamazoo, and 517-507-4174 in Lansing.

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