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Holiday Energy Saving Tips

You stress about your utility bills each holiday season and you’re not alone. The holidays can increase your electric and heating bills substantially, but there are ways you can save money this season. First, have Vredevoogd Heating & Cooling check your heater to make sure it’s running as efficiently as possible; then, follow these tips to shave additional, unnecessary energy usage off the meters.

Use Different Lighting Strategies

When it comes to holiday lights, use energy-saving strategies to prevent a huge increase in your electric bill. The following will help you save money:

  • Use LED holiday lights to reduce electricity usage by 90 percent.
  • Consider fiber optic decorations because they have a single light source.
  • Don’t keep your holiday lights on all the time; turn them off at bedtime.
  • Turn off your regular lights when you have indoor holiday lights lit, including the tree.
  • Use candles as part of your decorations but be safe with them.

Think about how many lights you use and how long they stay on each day. Replace traditional lights with LED and solar lighting where you can and time your lights so they’re only lit when it’s dark.

Use Different Heating Strategies

We’ve talked about this in prior blog posts but it bears repeating: You can save money during the holidays by taking advantage of holiday celebrations to reduce your indoor heat usage. Whether you have family staying for the holidays or party guests, the extra bodies in the house will increase how warm it is inside naturally. The more people in your home the lower your thermostat can go.

Your holiday goodies and meal will also heat your home. Turn down the thermostat and take advantage of the heat coming from your oven when you bake your holiday cookies and pies. If you have an enclosed kitchen, move the hot air into other rooms with fans. Your holiday meal will also heat your home. Not only will you have the oven on but also the stove and your smaller kitchen appliances.

Finally, if you’re traveling during the holidays this year, unplug everything. Even when they’re not on, appliances and electronics draw energy. Put your lamps on timers to make it look as if someone is home. Turn down your thermostat to a lower setting since you won’t be home. If your pets aren’t traveling with you, make sure they have warm beds to compensate for the cooler heating temperature.

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