How To Protect Your HVAC During A Home Renovation
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Protecting Your HVAC System During Home Renovations

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Home renovations can be a thrilling endeavor, but they can also be full of stress. While an updated, better-functioning space is exciting, the process can be nerve-racking and inconvenient. A lot of ins and outs come with a home renovation, but one thing many people don’t think about is the condition of their HVAC system during the project.

You may risk damaging your heater or air conditioning unit with how messy a renovation project can be. Below, we discuss steps to protect your HVAC system from your next home renovation and potentially needing a costly repair due to unforeseen damage.

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Steps To Take To Secure Your Unit

Fortunately, there are things homeowners can do to guarantee proper protection of their HVAC system during a home renovation project. Follow these steps to keep your heater and AC unit safe from damage:

  1. Make sure to have a plan of action ready before the renovation project begins. 
  2. Turn off your HVAC system so the air won’t circulate dust and debris if the weather allows. 
  3. If you’ve turned the system off, temporarily cover your vents and registers so that dust, debris, and other contaminants can’t enter your ductwork. 
  4. Complete work such as sanding and cutting wood outside to avoid as much mess as possible. 
  5. Clean the work area regularly. Consider implementing an air purifier. 
  6. If you must run the furnace or air conditioner during your project, change your air filters daily during the process and several days after the project is complete. 
  7. Have your ductwork inspected and professionally cleaned. 

Risks & Common Damages to Unprotected Systems

If you fail to safeguard your system properly before your project starts, you risk a range of damages. Ensure it’s adequately protected to avoid issues that require repair, such as: 

  • Dirt and debris entering your system
  • Drywall clogging your unit’s inner components
  • Potentially physically damage your units 
  • Over-operating your unit, which can result in greater wear and tear and higher energy bills

What Homeowners Can Do To Minimize Damages

Homeowners can take extra precautions to keep their HVAC unit safe and secure during a home renovation. Putting your system’s thermostat in manual mode lets you better control the temperature and how much air circulation occurs. Additionally, you may want to cover your unit with a tarp to ensure no debris or contaminants get inside. Vacuuming every other day will keep sawdust, drywall, and more at bay.

Call Vredevoogd if Your System Is Damaged

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