Steps To Take If Your Furnace Breaks
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Steps to Take if Your Furnace Breaks

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If your furnace suddenly stops working, you might feel ready to panic. However, there are some steps you can take to check if your furnace is actually broken or if something else is going on to affect its operation. Certainly, if you don’t feel comfortable performing these tasks, be sure to call Vredevoogd so we can send one of our certified service technicians out right away. If you wish, however, there are some simple tasks you can generally perform yourself if you’re worried you have a broken furnace.

Make Sure Thermostat Is Switched On

If you awaken to a cold house, you might suspect that there is a problem with your furnace requiring repair. Often times, however, a family member may have inadvertently switched to furnace off if they happened to feel warm or while cleaning. If your thermostat is on, try raising the temperature. In about a minute, you should hear you unit’s blower come on. If several minutes pass by and there is still no moving air, you can switch the thermostat off.

Is the Thermostat Level?

Sometimes thermostats require recalibration. It could have been jarred by a family member or it may even have dust or corrosion preventing its optimum operation. You can carefully check for dust by removing the cover of your thermostat and carefully cleaning it. You must take care, however, not to jar any of its parts, which can damage the unit or affect the calibration. If your thermostat is level on your wall and clean, it may not be causing the problem for your furnace.

Check the Circuit Breaker

Be sure to check your circuit breaker panel to see if the breaker associated with your furnace has tripped. If so, switch the breaker all the way to the off position and then to the on position. If the breaker trips again right away or soon after, you should leave it off and call in the professionals.

Call Vredevoogd

If these steps don’t result in a functioning furnace, you can call Vredevoogd to quickly assess the problem and recommend the appropriate fix. Your furnace may simply require a new part or there may be a problem with the duct work. As an essential system of your home, you don’t want to attempt a fix unless you’re certified to perform it. We charge incredibly fair rates and are always happy to show up ASAP to see that your furnace is running again in no time.

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