Why Is Water Pooling Around My Furnace When My Air Conditioner Is Running
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Why Is Water Pooling Around My Furnace When My Air Conditioner Is Running?

During the summer, you may notice that water is starting to pool around your furnace. This might cause you to worry, but the good news is that in most cases, this is completely normal. In order to understand how and why you see water pooling, you need to know how most furnaces work so you can be sure the water you see is nothing to worry about. Read on for more information about the water that typically pools around most furnaces whenever the air conditioner is running.

Reasons for Water Pooling

While it may seem unusual, it’s actually quite normal for most furnaces to create some amount of condensation while they are running. If this condensation appears to be more than what you’d consider normal, it could be a simple fix. First, check your condensation drains to make sure they are not blocked. If you don’t see any blockage, it could be a problem with your condensation pump or line. Whenever there is some kind of clog, the condensation won’t be able to leave your home, and it ends up pooling in a puddle around your furnace.

Overall, you shouldn’t worry too much about water pooling whenever the air conditioner is running. Most furnaces use two heat exchangers. Since the furnace uses two instead of just one, it absorbs a lot of heat that the exhaust gas converts from a gas to a liquid. Once the liquid forms, it drains out through your unit’s condensation line. Any type of blockage can cause that water to back up, creating the excess pooling you see around the furnace.

What Should You Do?

If you’re concerned about water pooling near your furnace, you should first look for blockages. Check your drain to see if it is clogged with dirt and other debris. If it appears to be clogged, you can easily remedy the problem by using a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to remove any excess gunk. Run your air conditioner for a while and then check again to see if the water has stopped. If it’s still pooling, you will need to contact a professional plumber or HVAC company who can assess the problem and make a recommendation for any needed repairs.

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