When Does A Furnace Reach Retirement?
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When Does a Furnace Reach Retirement?

True, the thought of replacing your home’s heating system might seem daunting and expensive, but unfortunately, it’s a task you can’t get around. Especially in colder areas, furnaces work hard to keep you cozy. As such, they wear out with time and use, losing efficiency and eventually failing altogether. Since getting surprised with a lifeless furnace is the last thing you need–especially in the dead of winter–take note of these signs your heating system needs replacing.

The Furnace is More Than 10 Years Old

Heaters become less efficient over time, so if yours has reached its 10th birthday, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare financially for replacement. On the upside, technology continues to maximize furnace productivity, so upgrading your system can save you money on monthly heating bills.

Heating Bills Keep Rising

Since mature furnaces work harder to achieve normal results, you’ll see signs of age on the monthly bill. If usage has remained constant but prices keep increasing, take heed; your furnace is no longer working at peak levels. Note: In some cases, a thorough cleaning can give you another year or two, since debris buildup leads to damage and overuse.

The Furnace Makes More Noise

Although some noises mean nothing, continued strange sounds emanating from your heater can mean a number of things–few of them positive. So, if you find yourself extra aware of your furnace’s efforts thanks to an unwelcome symphony of racket, have the system serviced immediately. In some instances, a simple repair can solve the problem. If neglected, however, these sounds can exacerbate damage and lead to more costly repairs.

The Furnace Requires Frequent Repairs

While a new furnace provides a one-time cost, continually having to fix an old unit can add up, as well. So if frequent repairs have you questioning your furnace’s lifespan, why not throw your hands up and go for an upgrade?

You Notice Spotty Coverage

If it takes a long time for rooms to warm up or you notice uneven heat from space to space, it might be time for a new furnace. When a system doesn’t perform as expected, it usually indicates a problem. To know for sure, consider having an expert evaluate your system. If nothing else, it will give you peace of mind knowing how to move forward.

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