A Furnace Tune-Up Is Still A Good Idea

Every February, winter-weary Americans eagerly await news from a groundhog in a small Pennsylvania borough. This year, Punxsutawney Phil popped out of his marmot hole and saw his shadow. Legend has it that this means we will have six more weeks of winter.

Some homeowners may wonder if it is necessary to give their furnace a tune-up at this phase during the season – and the answer is a resounding yes! Let the team at Vredvoogd Heating and Cooling help ensure that your home is prepared for a long winter by assessing preventable problems before they start.

Always Be Prepared

The motto of the Boy Scouts is “Always Be Prepared.” A furnace tune-up is necessary, and well worth the cost to prevent higher costs later. More than the monetary value, your family’s safety and comfort are one of the most important reasons to be sure your HVAC system is in top condition.

Your furnace is a mechanical machine and system, much like a vehicle. While there are no tires, horns or spark plugs inside your furnace like those in your car, there are moving parts like pumps, motors, belts and valves inside your furnace. As these parts wear and tear over time, it is important to be sure they are working properly.

With a planned maintenance agreement, PMA, you can rest assured knowing your furnace is working properly throughout the year. We have been Michigan’s top furnace repair and replacement since 1964 and we can meet your family’s needs proactively and in an emergency.

Expectations & Benefits

Here are a few things you can expect when you get your furnace tune-up:

  • presence of CO at time of inspection
  • combustion chamber/heat exchanger
  • burner flame check
  • gas and air adjustment
  • check motors, vent pipes, flame sensor, furnace filters
  • operational control sequence

Some benefits of preventive maintenance:

  • validated warranty
  • improved safety for your family
  • decreased likelihood of your system shutting down
  • more efficient energy costs

Give us Vredevoogd Heating and Cooling to schedule an appointment for a furnace tune-up. We have three locations in Michigan to service your HVAC repairs, replacements and preventive care.

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