Regular Furnace Repair and Maintenance Can Help Protect Families in Grandville, Michigan

Winter is in full force in Michigan and when the snow starts to fall, we seek shelter in the warm comfort of our homes. However, winter can pose other threats to our health apart from the dangerous road conditions. During the winter we use our furnaces and boilers almost daily. Over the years, our furnaces start to break down due to normal wear and tear and an improperly functioning furnace can lead to serious and deadly problems such as carbon monoxide poisoning.

One common culprit of carbon monoxide poisoning is an improperly functioning furnace or, more importantly, a damaged heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is the component of your furnace that creates the hot air. Every time your furnace turns on, your heat exchanger expands and becomes very hot. Over time, this expansion can lead to cracks and other damage. When your heat exchanger is damaged and fails to function as it should, it can emit carbon monoxide into your home. The combination of a damaged heat exchanger and poor ventilation in your home can lead to deadly consequences.

It is imperative to ensure your furnace is functioning properly. Regular furnace repair and maintenance in essential to protecting families in Grandville, Michigan. If you suspect your furnace or heat exchanger is damaged or not functioning properly, please contact us immediately. We will evaluate all aspects and components of your system in order to determine what is damaged or malfunctioning. We will then conduct the necessary repairs and ensure your furnace is running as it should. Don’t leave your and your family’s life to chance. You can trust Obie Comfort Solutions with your and your family’s safety. Contact us today to schedule your appointment!

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