Tips for Getting Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer

We are still in the middle of winter so, we are confident that the last thing on your mind is checking the air conditioning unit in your Grandville, Michigan home. However, warmer months are on their way and before you know summer will be here in full force. Before you go to turn on your air conditioning for the first time, there are a few things that should be done to ensure your air conditioning unit is functioning properly and efficiently.

  1. Check Air Filters-One of the first things you should do before turning your air conditioning on for the first time, is to check your air filters. Your air filters should be replaced about once every 3 months depending on if you have pets or allergies. However, before you get your AC up and running, you should make sure that your air filters are completely clean.
  2. Clean Vents- Before you turn your air conditioner on, you will also want to clean all of your indoor vents, as well as the vents on the outdoor unit. You want to ensure that there is no debris accumulating in the small spaces of your outdoor unit or within your indoor vents.
  3. Clean Drainage Pipe- It is also important that you remove any sludge, mold, or other debris from your drainage pipe. If your drainage pipe becomes clogged it can cause leaks as well as other damage.

We understand that it is only January however, it is never too early to start conducting preventative maintenance on your air conditioning unit. The earlier you start, the better prepared for summer you will be. Don’t get caught off guard this summer and if you suspect that your air conditioner requires any kind of repairs, please contact us right away!

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