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{Interviewer} You know as many of us are spending more and more time at home and the summertime temperatures rising it’s pretty vital that our air conditioning is up and running in top condition that’s where a checkup from Vredevoogd  can become essential Mike’s the GM and he’s here with us this morning. Good morning Mike.

{Mike V} Morning Todd thanks

{Interviewer} summers here I mean obviously the first day approaching but with temps like we have coming today in the high 80’s and 90’s talk about how important it is to do regular maintenance on your a/c just like you do with your car.

{Mike V} Yeah air conditioners are mechanical systems and they are prone to break down if they’re not maintained on a regular basis just like a car like you mentioned a lot of dirt can get into the components of the air conditioner as it’s working both the outside air and the inside Air.  There’s mechanical components that wear out over time so a maintenance program is a good one to be on so you can catch things proactively and not be caught with no air conditioning on a really hot day when it might be hard to get a technician out in a timely manner

{Interviewer} yeah I’m sitting here in the nice air-conditioned comfort of the studio but a lot of us are working from home now and if the a/c goes out within your home it’s gonna be a miserable work day.

{Interviewer} For you real quickly, being proactive, that’s important but how would someone know if they needed service besides hearing a loud clunking noise coming out of their unit.

{Mike V} Yeah you know if you get your air conditioner turned on and it’s not keeping the house as warm/cool as you think it should be obviously the first indication, otherwise,  you know breakdowns can happen at any point in time with no warning so again the preventative maintenance program and regular maintenance is gonna help you prevent those unexpected and inconvenient circumstances.

{Interviewer} Talk about the importance of a properly installed system, I mean this is something you want to leave to the pros.

{Mike V}  Yeah an air conditioning system has a lot of components in there that require a person to put together and connect and make sure everything is working properly. It’s not just a box that you just put in place and plug in, there are a lot of components to the system. There’s an outdoor component and an indoor component as well as some some piping that goes between the two, there’s electrical wiring and control wiring too. Our technicians are highly trained on how to do things properly, we send them out of state to a boot camp that teaches the technical details of that and a lot of in-house training so they are very experienced on what they do and following the instructions that are given to us by the factory and making sure we follow every step, make sure the refrigerant charge is precise and that there’s a thorough check out of the system when they’ve completed the install.

{Interviewer}  I can attest to that I’ve had you guys out at my home and the technicians are highly professional and know what they’re talking about and you’re ruining a new installation offer that can save people quite a bit of money as well can you tell us about that?

{Mike V} Yeah, that’s correct on our premium systems which is the energy release series, actually there’s a few different models that qualify for that but $1,000 off if you install a complete system, which would be a furnace and air conditioner package system, thousand dollars off that and there are financing options available to qualified purchasers but yeah it’s a great deal and a good time to get both your complete system freshened up so you’re good to go for many, many years.

{Interviewer} Love that 0% financing for a year that’s key to a lot of people especially people’s finances these days let’s talk a little bit about air purifiers. Air purifiers are kind of pretty popular these days, people are talking about not only heating and cooling but purifying their air.

{Mike V} Yeah so there’s a couple different systems that are used or popular right now with consumers. The UV light system that goes into your duct work and shines UV illumination on the air stream coming through and UVC is proven to kill bacteria and viruses in the air stream. Also electronic air cleaning systems that help keep the air fresher and healthier and all those are very popular with homeowners to keep their homes fresh and healthy.

{Interviewer} Sounds like a great deal! So heat it, cool it and keep it clean it can all happen with a thousand dollars off select furnaces and a/c units and as you heard.  Mike say 0% financing for a year that’s, that special offer there great! if you want to check them out ere’s the address right there on your screen there’s even a toll-free number 844-HVAC-365 or you check them out on the website Mike thanks again for joining us this morning.

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